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 Please convert all the 32 bit plug-ins that were in finale 2012  to 64 bit for Finale 25


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Hi Shai:


Automatic Barline functionality was implemented in the Document Options - Barline page.

Clear Measure # Position can be achieved via the Clear Selected Items dialog box in the Edit menu.

Change Noteheads was implemented under the Utilities / Change / Change Noteheads

Midline Stem Direction is no longer recommended by publishers we work with.

Apply Human Playback was implemented in the MIDI Tool under the MIDI Too menu "Apply Human Playback..."

BIAB Auto-Harmonizing was based on a 32-bit library that could not be modernized to 64-bit. We are working with our partner at BIAB for possible solutions.

Usage of the Page Turns, unfortunately, did not merit the effort to modernize to 64-bit.

Find Parallel Motion had fundamental design flaws. We determined it was best to scrape the current plug-in and consider a better and more robust solution.

Piano Reduction is available in Finale v25 in the Scoring and Arranging menu.

The Suite of Composer's Assistant plug-ins was based on a 32-bit library that could be modernized to 64-bit. Furthermore, the usage of those plug-ins did not merit pursuing alternatives at this time.


Thank you for your request. I hope this clarifies the state of these plug-ins.


Michael Johnson
VP, Professional Notation



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If you are referring to the JW Plug-ins by Jari Williamson:

Here is a link to an article about Jari Williamsson's terrific 64 bit plug-ins from the web site  "Of Note" by Robert Puff and colleagues from 3/16/17.

64 bit plug-in article

This article lists most of the JW plug-ins converted to 64 bit for both Mac and Windows and includes a direct link to download any/all of them.

Hope this helps.

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Measures - autumat barlines, clear measure # position
Note, Beam, and Rest Editing - ChangeNoteheads, MidlineStemDirections
Playback - ApplyHumanPlayback
Scoring and Arranging - BIABAutoHarmonizing, PageTurns, ParallelMotion, PianoReduction
Composer's Assistant - all!

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