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1. In playback, Church Organ does not respond to dynamic markings, whether p/f or hairpins.

2. Piano music, especially classical, often includes consecutive sustaining Ped markings without an intervening * (release).  This instructs the player to press the sustaining pedal at the first Ped marking, but to quickly release and press the sustaining pedal at each of any following Ped points until a * (release) marking is reached, producing a smooth flow between each passage.  In playback, Finale 25.5 does not recognize this common practice.  Instead, playback keeps the sustaining pedal depressed, smearing the passages. 

3. Please include a description popup when hovering the pointer over an articulation symbol.  Some symbols are obvious, but others are not.

4. Add the inverted Turn symbol in the articulation list--a turn symbol with a vertical line crossing its middle, similar to an inverted mordant.

5. In the Edit > Preferences > Palettes and Backgrounds window, include a choice for Palette Background Color to increase readability for those of us with less than perfect vision.

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Hi Levy:


Thank you for posting your requests for improvements to Finale. I have updated our backlog of stories with your comments. 

1. While you can control volume through the Garritan sounds for Organ via CC, it is not easy or intuitive (FIN-5460 in our backlog)

2. Great suggestion for piano! (FIN-5500 in our backlog)

3. I would concur this would be nice in all selection dialog boxes (FIN-5198 in our backlog)

4. I was surprised to see that the Maestro font does not have this glyph. You could create your own in the shape design with a combination of the turn symbol and a line. I did find several version fo the inverted Turn in the Bravura font in the "Common Ornaments" section. You could certainly select those characters in Finale from the Bravura font. I've added the request to our backlog as FIN-5501.

5. This is a common request to bring back some color as an option to the palettes. (FIN-5383 in our backlog).


Thank you again for your use of Finale and these excellent suggestions.


Michael Johnson
VP, Professional Notation

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