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Sometimes I begin writing a piece, say in 6/4 and then much later I realize that a 3/2 "underneath" would have been better to start with. Main reason being that if there's something happening on beat one, Finale puts in 5 quarter note rests. If i was in 3/2 it would probably put in a quarter rest and two half note rests - which would look much cleaner.

Now, if this piece was only in 6/4 I would simply select everything and have it rebar accordingly.
Now, I have two problems, though:

1. This is an arrangement and rebaring everything would destroy the composer's way of notating the rhythm of the music entirely - which I don't want to do
2. There are a lot of TS changes in the pieces, so I guess I would have to change every section with the 6/4 in it, which is a lot of manual work and there's still the problem with rebaring

Is there any way I can tell Finale to group rests in a certain way, but not touch notes?
EDIT: Funny enough, explode retains manually adjusted rests.


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Hi Florian:


That is an interesting problem. Yes, rebar can really help here. I also look at the TGTools Modify Rests, which doesn't seem to help this specific case. Jari also has some rhythm transformation plug-ins, but again, working from 6/4 to 3/2 doesn't seem to help. I have had to do some similar things and find that I can often change the Time Signature while displaying the existing one and then rebar. You mention this piece has many TS changes. Metatools for time signatures can be a great friend in those cases. Select the region, metatool apply, you're done. 


I don't foresee us changing how this works in the future, unfortunately. 


Michael Johnson
VP, Professional Notation


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The Perfect Layout plugin will have such an option, but it's not yet available to the public yet.

Demo video 12 on covers this topic: the rests are rearranged according to the time signature.

It even works on ambiguous time signatures like 5/4: first all staves of the same measure are analyzed. Then the best fitting rest is selected (demo video 13 in the link above).

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