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It happens quite frequently that I need to adjust the rests in a bar manually. Due to different rhythmic subdivisions although the general TS remains the same.

When I copy a bar (alt-click) using the selection tool, all manual rest adjustments (subdivisions, not the positioning!) are lost. This uses up a ton of time - also, sometimes I forget that it does that and suddenly some players would have different rest subdivision than others.

Finale should KEEP the manually adjusted rests when copying, just like notes, NOT rebaring them. It doesn't touch the notes, so it makes no sense to me why it would change the rests.

This is a bug, really.

EDIT: Funny enough, explode retains manually adjusted rests. Although exploding is also some sort of copying...


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Hi Florian and Adrian:

There are documented situations where Finale will re-quantize your music when it isn't necessary. Your comments have been added to FIN-5236, the story in our backlog on the topic. Thank you for posting.


Michael Johnson
VP, Professional Notation

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You might like this changed--and perhaps, as an option, it should be--but it is not a bug. There are good reasons for some copied measures to reformat in context just as there are good reasons for some measures to retain their original format.

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