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I'm able to load that in Reaper, Garageband, and other DAWS but not in Finale.  It would open another window and allow you load a movie file.  As most of you know, Finale 25 foolishly chose to get rid of the Movie Window in favor of the horrendous ReWire.  Why?  Can you bring it back?  Can you create a simple plugin like Vidplay VST?  Please bring back this important feature.

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Hi Brian:


Thank you for posting. We do not plan to provide a VST for video or restore the Movie Window. We will continue to improve playback and ReWirein Finale. I use Reaper and connect Finale vie ReWire to it. Why not use vidplay in Reaper and then add Finale tracks as needed?


I would be interested what limitations you find with ReWire.


Michael Johnson
VP, Professional Notation

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