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If one attempts to edit a articulation on a staff that has been reduced in size, the articulation shifts to the right. The greater the reduction, the greater the shift. The shift is only apparent, however, because the articulation returns to the correct horizontal position if one redraws the screen. 

 In example 1 the articulations are correctly positioned. In example 2, I selected the handles and shifted the articulation down one tap of the down arrow.  Along with the correct downward shift,  the articulations also shifted to the right and are now off-center. If I redraw the screen the articulations will be correctly centered again. 

This one bug makes editing of articulation marks on reduced staves a nightmare, because one never knows exactly where an articulation will be without constant screen redraws. Please fix this.   Finale 2014.5 on OS 10.8.5


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Hi John:

I can confirm this defect and have documented it as FIN-4192 in our backlog. Improvements to articulations are on our roadmap. Thank you for reporting this issue.


Michael Johnson
VP, Professional Notation

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You are most welcome and thanks for confirming this bug, Michael. I look forward to the improvements. 

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