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FINALE 24.5 MAC 10.12.6

While entering notes in speedy note, if the cursor is not in the correct position only certain notes of chords you want tied will be actually tied. Since the whole point of Speedy Note entry is to quickly enter the notes, one has to constantly monitor the tied chords or go back an remove the single ties and adjust the cursor so all notes are tied. Since the most common use of ties with regards to chords is to tie all of the notes, a simple on and off option in the main menu would be great. 


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Hi Kent:


I agree this should be easier and user-definable as it is in Simple Entry. I've added your comments to our backlog. However, Speedy does allow you do this now if the cursor is not on a current pitch of the chord. In my example, the cursor is on the B line, pressing t will tie all notes of the chord. If the cursor is only on the E, then the A and C would not get the tie.


Michael Johnson
VP, Professional Notation

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Another voice to echo the original post.

Especially if I am still holding in the whole chord on my MIDI keyboard, and I hit the "=" key to add a tie, the tie goes on every note of the chord regardless of whether the cursor is on one of the pitches.  Speedy note should not require you to dodge the cursor up and down when you need ties.  

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