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just some thoughts on what I would like to see in a new finale version after using finale products professionally for 15 years:

1. Ability to have separate score and parts control over things like fonts, i.e. for repeat text. I often use fixed size fonts for these to make them more readable in the scores. but it can be either too big or small at times in the parts.
2. Ability to have separate repeat bracket height and length control for score and parts. Again, since I'm using fixed fonts often, what looks good in the score is usually off in the parts.
3. Ability to have multiple chord styles in one document, i.e. have one staff where the chords are in standard and another staff where the style would be Nashville A. This would be helpful, since being in Nashville, I have multiple players who request different styles of notation on the same session. I know I can create separate files, but that's a bit of a hassle. 
4. Adding another location for the "align vertically" and "align horizontally" right click functions from the smart shapes tool. I use these constantly and it would be great to have a way that didn't require as many mouse clicks.
5. Ability to create custom ending for crescendo and decrescendo markings. ie. I use a use a decrescendo down to a niente expression very often and having those be separate causes a lot of editing or a crescendo marking up to a forte at the end of a measure. Be able to create a custom crescendo or decrescendo marking would greatly cut down on editing for these items. This would be similar to how you can create custom lines in finale currently, just adding the ability to do the same with crescendo and decrescendo markings.

I use both Finale and Sibelius in my work professionally, and I always use finale whenever I can. Just thought I would share these suggestions of things that would make Finale even more powerful.


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Hi Sammy and Adrian:


These are great suggestions. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts as well as your use of Finale professionally.


I've added all your comments to stories in our backlog.  

1 and 2. Yes, linked part improvements would be very helpful to many users. FIN-5411 in our backlog

3. An interesting workflow that you are required to accommodate for musicians in TN. The Chord tool is well overdue for enhancements. FIN-4135 in our backlog.

4. I also find I use those commands in the context menu too frequently. We need to have better placement by default of hairpins. FIN-4404 in our backlog.

5. Another frequent request from many users logged as FIN-4831.


Thank you again for your suggestions.


Michael Johnson
VP, Professional Notation

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#4 would be especially useful in the work I do.

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