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I was wondering if we could setup finale ( or win/mac operating systems) so that we could choose tools by pressing a combination of pedals on a Midi Foot Controller and keys? 

I have one with 10 pedals. I was wondering if I could make use of that for switching tools and possible direct access to the tool's commands. 

This would speed up my workflow and don't need to keep looking at display constantly to choose things.

I have Finale installed on both Mac and Win machines.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Chekad:


That is an interesting idea. What MIDI Foot Controller do you have?I just checked and Keyboard Maestro on Mac allows for a trigger to be a MIDI note. I use Keyboard Maestro to program shortcuts and scripts in Finale all the time. So, instead of using a QWERTY keystroke, you could define your controller to trigger the shortcut and change your Finale tool. I don't anticipate us building native support for such functionality into Finale. Finale does programmable MIDI Controller shortcuts in Speedy entry which is handy.


Michael Johnson
VP, Professional Notation


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