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After asking "Nick" of Make Music if Finale offered any way for a songwriter to find a song simply by entering a few notes or providing a visual preview of scores, and finding Finale didn't have those capabilities, he suggested I post here.



1) I request techies write software that will identify binary patterns in people's scores so they can find them when they've lost a name or some other identifying mark. It would be wonderful is such a pattern-recognition program would be broad enough to find the pattern in any key.

2)  I request techies create a means for users to get a visual preview of, say, the first page of every manuscript songwriters create to, again, aid in finding tunes that the score writers can't find.


Thank you,

Osea Nelson


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Dear Osea:


Thank you for posting your request. It is an interesting idea to provide a "Shizam" for Finale. I should point out that Apple has provided Spotlight (metadata search) and Quick look (thumbnail preview) functionality in their OS. I'm not aware of similar functionality on Windows. We do provide Spotlight and Quick look plug-ins for free to Finale users. Here are the help articles on what Spotlight and Quicklook allow you to do in more detail. At this time, we do not plan to provide similar functionality on Windows. Thank you again for posting.


Michael Johnson
VP, Professional Notation

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And this should be part of Finale?


I suggest that you learn how to organize your files, rather than add some useless algorithm.

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