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The next update in the Finale Version 25 series, Finale v25.4, has been released today (6/29/2017). This update is a free maintenance update for all owners of Finale v25. Finale v25.4 focuses on increasing stability for Finale and setting the groundwork for the future. Work has been done to remove some troublesome program errors such as:


  • (Windows) An issue that would prevent authorization from working properly when opening files from certain locations on your computer.
  • Setup Wizard related crashes.
  • (Mac) Crashes that would occur when using COMMAND+OPTION+SHIFT key combinations.
  • (Windows) Crashing when using the Expression tool that would necessitate a reset of preferences.
  • (Windows) Crashing due to numerous installed editing plugins.
  • (Windows) Crashing related to Pro Tools 12 DLL conflict.
  • and more!


This update also includes some new functionality such as support for MusicXML 3.1, rounded corners on enclosures, and the ability to prevent showing naturals when cancelling key signatures between sharp and flat keys.


For more details, please check out our Read Me and Release Highlights article. For help getting the latest version of Finale, please check out this article. Also, we have a blog post about the release too!


Enjoy Finale!


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