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There is a stringless Midi guitar called You Rock Guitar. It is played like a guitar and looks like it can be connected to your computer (and presumably Finale). If this can be used to feed music to Finale and have Finale write the music as you play would be awesome! MakeMusic needs to test this out, but if anyone has the magic guitar already, it would be super to let us know how  it works with Finale. Be sure to include your version of Finale and O/S too. I request MakeMusic test this out just to see how it does work. It may not need any system / software changes. I imagine it works like an electric keyboard with the computer. The trick may be designating whether you are playing the melody or the chords / accompaniment. I don't know how that works with a keyboard either. My system is Windows 7 and Finale 2014.5

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Hi Lou:


My research indicates that the You Rock Guitar as sold on Amazon supports MIDI. Finale does support input of music on a MDI enabled Guitar. There are many solutions on the market for such needs. MakeMusic does not officially endorse a single device or vendor.


Michael Johnson
VP, Professional Notation

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