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Finale is a powerful software, with plenty of option, customisation and menus. A task can usually be performed in many ways, often with the use of shortcuts and metatools.


You always need a mouse, you always need to select/deselect a tool, and sometimes you need to click more than one buttons/options to reach a goal. For example to Explode Music, to Move/Copy layers, to Select/Deselect options from the Edit Filter, ...

Are you planning to include Speech Recognition capabilities to future versions of Finale? It would be stunning if you select something in the score, you press a shortcut on the keyboard and you speak, saying -i.e.- "Transpose up a major third preserving original notes" or "Apply Rhythmic Notation Staff Style".

If this is the case, the GUI could then directly perform the task or showing instead a menu with the possible choices for the query. 

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Hi Denis:


Thank you for posting this request. We do not plan to implement support for Speech Recognition in the app. I would say that we have plans to better support ADA requirements of the operating system and thus would include voice-over controls.


Michael Johnson
VP, Professional Notation

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