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I would like to see the Playback window (transport) get a facelift.  Items that would very helpful include:

Clicking on a "start time" button enters the current cursor location in the field. (selecting the field and entering locations is very laborious)

Markers would be fantastic.  Like the location markers used in DAWS 

This may be a more involved request:  I use program change to switch articulations through MIDI dump.  Having MIDI cc's able to "chase"

would be very beneficial!  This is implemented in all DAWs.  Regardless of cursor location, Finale would send the last executed cc values previous to the cursor

location.  This would enable me to always have the correct patch regardless of location.  And, also any on/off type cc's.  


I've been a Finale user since late 80's  Finale 1.0 (Coda Music)  I haven't seen much change in the transport window since.  


Finale vers 25.4

OSX 10.10.5



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Hi Darryl and Adrian:


I couldn't agree more! Playback clean up is in my top 5 areas of Finale to fix. I would put Hi-DPI support and Mac drawing performance just above it, but only by a little bit. I've added your requests to our story in the backlog (FIN-5114). And thank you for your use of Finale since version 1.0. It is humbling to consider Finale is approaching the 30th anniversary. I assure you the team is diligently working to address shortcomings and improve the overall experience. Thank you again for your use of the Finale and posting to this forum.


Michael Johnson
VP, Professional Notation

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Markers would be helpful.

Until you get a "Start Time" button, you may find the "Start from Leftmost Measure" playback option to be useful.

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