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I have created a document that has numerous text expressions and they are all customized. I have separated these text expressions into 12 categories that I created. I saved these text expressions as a library and then loaded this text expression library into a new document but unfortunately, all of the expressions which i had separated into the aforementioned 12 categories were put into one category! I'm assuming this is a limitation of the software. This makes it impossible for me to take advantage of using the setup wizard to create a new score and then load my text expression library. I hope the programmers can solve this problem in future updates.  If anyone has a workaround for this please let me know.


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Hi Nelson:


Thank you for posting to this community. Like Peter, I am not seeing the same behavior as you since my categories are retained upon import to a new document. I can confirm that if the settings are identical to an existing category, then the categories will be consolidated upon import. Here's what I mean

  1. New file
  2. Duplicate the Dynamics category 3 times and call them: Dynamics Copy 1, Dynamics Copy 2, Dynamics Copy  3. Be sure to make no changes to placement or appearance of the duplicates
  3. Create an expression in each of those 3 categories.
  4. Save the Library
  5. Another new file
  6. Load Library
  7. Go to Expression selection and see the 3 Dynamics Copy expressions are in the Dynamics category. This is by design since all settings are shared among the categories.

To see Categories remain separate, repeat the steps above, but at step 2, make a change (font, style, position, etc.) for each duplicated category. Upon import, they will remain separate. There are enhancements to categories on our roadmap, but retaining identical ones upon import would not be part of that work. Please let me know if I've missed something.


Michael Johnson
VP, Professional Notation

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I have not experienced the problem you mention.


When I load a library with custom expression categories, the categories are loaded as well, and they show up in the Expression Selection.


I suspect that there is something else going on here.


A) Does the problem happen in all documents - or is it document specific?


B) 12 categories - that is many categories.

Does the problem also happen if there are fewer categories in the library?

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