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I'm using Finale 25 version on Windows.

I've written a rather large orchestral score (27 staves, some of them just single line percussion parts) which fits nicely onto a single page of my screen. My goal is to print it on 8 1/2 by 14 paper, keeping the size of the notes, staves etc. as large as possible for easier reading. When I ran a piece of my 81/2 by 14 paper through my printer, the bottom 2 1/4 inches of the score (violins II through double basses) was not printed. What do I need to do to be able to print the entire page of the score onto the paper?

Thanks-Paul Kolar

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You have to tell the Windows print driver and Finale what size paper you are using and then adjust Finale accordingly. I don't have the 25 manual for Windows but this might be the same info. I entered paper size in the 27 Windows manual to get this: 


One thing it mentions is that, for printing to pdf, you should purchase an Adobe Acrobat product. No you don't. While you do need a 3rd party app for pdf on Windows, many users find that the free CUTE PTP does everything they need.


Printing is one area where Mac and Windows are different.


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