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Has anyone had the MIDI setup dialog box tell them "can't open a device more than once"? on the Default MIDI Output Device window? Finale V. 25, Windows 10

I'm trying to make Finale recognize my MIDI keyboard (Alesis Q49) for input (which it has before). Auto detect devices is checked, when I try to uncheck and manually select my KB then click OK I get this error message, and am unable to change the auto detect setting. For some reason Finale is auto detecting my AudioBox USB96 as the default input device. I've tried changing the output device to every option listed and still get this message when I click OK. I'm wondering if the conflict has something to do with my recording software (Presonus Studio One) monopolizing the output device but not totally sure how the auto detect settings in Finale got changed. Any help is appreciated!

Screenshot after trying to uncheck auto detect and clicking OK:


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