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I have tempo marks in the score with Allegro quarter note = 144. Is it possible to

eliminate the note and the tempo when working on linked parts? The players

don't need to see what the tempo is.



Windows 10.5

Finale 26.3

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I have needed this many times - here is what I do:

  1. Create your "Allegro" tempo mark - leave off the q=144.
  2. Go to Documents -> Category Designer...
  3. Highlight the "Tempo Marks" category.
  4. Click the "Duplicate..." button in the lower left corner of the window.
  5. Name this new category "Tempo Marks (2)".
  6. Click on the Score List popup marked "Score List 1" and change it to "Score List 2".
  7. Click "edit" to show the Score Lists edit window.
  8. Uncheck all boxes in the "Part" column.
  9. Verify that the boxes in the "Score" column are exactly the same as in "Score List 1" from the original "Tempo Marks" Category.
  10. Click "OK" to exit all dialogs and return to the score.
  11. With the Expression Tool selected - double click measure one of the top staff in the score and highlight the new "Tempo Marks (2)" category in the window.
  12. Create a new tempo mark for the desired "q = 144" mark and add it to the score.
  13. Reposition this new "q = 144" tempo mark directly to the right of the original "Allegro" tempo mark.


This second mark should now appear only in the score. The original "Allegro" mark should appear in score and all parts.

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