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Windows 10, Finale 27.3, GPO5, NP 3.2 (or latest)

Hi all,

Revisiting an earlier topic...

In the past I was trying to make passages more legato; now I am hoping to make them non-legato, or detached.

In this example, the slurred notes and the non-slurred notes playback the same with GPO5 (trumpets).

Using NotePerformer 3.2, the playback is more accurate. If I want non-legato (with NP) I can use a  controller in "Expressions" to make one, but not apparently so with GPO5.

What I can do with GPO5 is to used the Articulation #04 (tenuto line with a dot under it) and then hide it.

I'm pretty sure I know the answer, but just in case someone has a method or work-around?
Thank you!


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