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I am 78 years old.  have been a loyal Finale user for almost 2 decades. I recently bought Kontakt 7. It turns out that K7 is not compatible with Finale because Finale does not recognize VST3. I was just about to buy Musio (Cinesamples). To use an earlier version of Kontakt is not a reasonable option either, because Komplete 14 and later, I’m sure, use Kontakt 7.  Apparently, I can't do that either for the same reason.

Vst3 is the future. I'm sure Finale knows that and what falling behind would mean. So, does this mean that Finale is dropping out of the notation software race? Hopefully, Finale is hard at work to become Vst3 compatible? I sure hope so! I would genuinely hate to go back to Sibelius, especially at my age!

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