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I don't know if this is included in v26 or not (I have 25, both Win/Mac), but having a tempo tap button to establish playback tempo in the playback controls would be VERY helpful.  In Smartmusic too.  This is a basic feature in any DAW or metronome:  don't highlight and type in a number; tap a button, or an icon, to establish the tempo, and let Finale figure out how fast it is.

To be clear, I am NOT talking about adjusting the tempo by using the "TempoTap" staff in studio view; I'm talking about an alternative baked-in to the playback controls to get the tempo in my mind put into a number in playback controls.

I'm updating my suggestion from a few years ago.  Seriously, it's time for all MakeMusic products to get current, circa 2012.




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