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Hi all,
(Windows 10 - - Finale 26)
I've saved a template with my preferred sizes, fonts etc.  It worked fine until I had to blat my hard drive and reinstall everything.

Since reinstalling Finale I get the following message when adding notes to the score:

"Instrument sounds have not been assigned in this document. Would you like to assign sounds?"
I click on YES.
"The requested virtual instrument plugin could not be found."
The only thing I've done differently (in order to save space on my smallish C:\ drive) is to load Garritan, Aria etc, onto my much larger D:\ drive.
How can I tell Finale where they are?


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I would definitely keep the Aria player on the same drive as Finale and make sure the Aria plug-in (ARIA Player VST_x64.ddl file) is in a boot-drive folder where Finale can find it. (Finale has a scan routine to find such files under MIDI/Audio > Device Setup.)


IIRC the sound files can be on your D: drive.The safest way to get them there is to use the Finale/Garritan installer to put them where you want them.

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Thanks for your informative response, what you say makes complete sense. In the light of that I'll uninstall and then reinstall so that Finale can put things where it wants them.
Thanks again,

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