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I'm using Finale v26.3.1.643, with Big Sur on a Mac. 

I'm just posting a workaround for the defective "Rebar Music" function when used in "Utilities / Change/ Note Durations" and in a time signature change for a section of music. 

Like me, you may have experienced Finale making mincemeat of your music when trying to double durations in a section. Empty bars in particular seem to befuddle the calculations, and the process completely stuffs up the following bars. The function misses key signature  changes, failing to move them forward, etc etc, and quite often will move parts counterintuitively into the wrong bar. 

But if you wish to double the note durations in a section of 4/4 music follow these instructions and you will be okay: 

1) select the whole of every single bar of the section individually by double clicking on that bar in note mover and change the time signature in that bar to 2/4 with “Rebar Music” selected, thus dividing each bar in two individually. 

2) select the whole section and change these bars back to 4/4 en masse with “Rebar Music” not selected - the contents of each 2/4 bar will end up bunched up at the beginning of every bar. 

3) Select "Utilities / Change/ Note Durations" and select 200%. 

BTW the feature I would like to see is for this function to work properly! 



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