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When you have a Text, you can to attach it with measures or pages position. But I think would be a good idea to have also the possibility to attach it with a System, with the "Alignament and Position" enable. I think it could be helpful with the Title of a song in a multisongs book, movement, etc.

(Windows 10 - Finale

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… the Title of a song in a multisongs book, movement, etc. …


Great idea!


While we are waiting for (Godot and) the new Text feature, the Title can be done via a workaround:

The general “Finale solution” for that Title problem is an expression attached to a measure in an inserted 1-measure system between the two songs/movements.

A custom staff style in that measure makes the measure display no clef, no key signature, no time signature, &c. - so that only the Title expression is displayed.

You can make the expression centered between the barlines, so that the Title displays centered.

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