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Finale I am currently using MacOS: Big Sur with Finale v27 I recently upgraded in the hopes that a few issues would be corrected and other features added. It is both in the audio settings and the preset instruments settings that are affected. First: I am a piccolo player who is helping to convert D-Flat piccolo parts to C Piccolo parts for a local band. Sometimes they want to have clearer D-flat parts to be created to keep the original instrumentation available. However the current parts are horrendous. Can the following flutes be added and made available (not an exhaustive list either) D-flat piccolo G treble flute D-flat flute E-flat flute B-flat tenor flute A tenor flute Subcontrabass flute Garklein recorder Bass recorder (yes, it is there, but, it is used the Alto recorder settings which are incorrect-it reads in bass clef! This needs to be fixed) Great bass recorder Contrabass recorder Subcontrabass recorser If these all had presets, it would be fantastic! I have been asking for these for years! NOTE: The bass, great bass, contrabass, and subcontrabass recorders all read in bass clef. I know there is a long list of available instruments already. An idea would be to sub classify woodwind instruments by family to make the list easier to navigate since the Woodwind list is so long already: Examples: 1. Woodwind—->flute—->C Concert flute 2. Woodwind—->piccolo—->D-flat piccolo This way when creating the instrument list for your score, it opens up different subcategories to choose from. This could also be used for other exhaustive lists such as percussion or brass. Also, a category of woodwind ensembles would be fabulous that can access other instruments. For example, I arrange for flute ensembles and recorder groups all the time. What if not only do you see orchestra or band, but Flute Ensemble, Clarinet Ensemble, Woodwind Quartet, etc. for common ensembles. However, make sure we can access (on the adding instrument page) other instruments like string bass or percussion if we want to add them. It would seem that this can be put into the presets that are found in the Setup Wizard easily as well. But, make sure the instrument settings are reflective of that instrument. Plus, use the sound the instrument makes. Maybe these can help others.

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Hello Maria,


do you own the Garritan World Instruments, it comes with some of those ??

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