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I did the first and second final and on the second final I need a tie before the grade but it doesn't count there? 
I want to attach a picture but I can't say this message: You can only upload images (jpeg, gif or png). Image uploads are limited to 2 MB.

my picture have 27.0KB ...




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I managed to put it here


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If I understand you correctly, you are asking about how to enter tie ends in a Second Ending - right?


1) From the screen shot it looks like there is a layout problem with the repeat ending brackets.

I would start over with the repeat endings:

Repeat Tool.

Delete the First and Second Ending.

There are 3 items to delete - since the First Ending has two brackets.

Then, select the two measures of the First Ending.

Repeat menu > Create First and Second Ending


2) If the First and Second Ending are set up correctly, then it should be possible to add tie ends in the Second Ending.

Try it!

If you can not enter the tie ends via your Entry Tool, try the (very technical) dialog box Edit Frame:

Switch to the layer with the note that should have a tie end.

Speedy Entry Tool.

The entry rectangle appears. Click outside the staff, to exit the rectangle.

Hold down the correct modifier key (Ctrl? Alt? Option? - Are you on Windows or Mac?), and click on the measure/staff.

The dialog box Edit Frame appears.

There are many options, and Tie End is one of them.


In the dialog box Edit Frame you must navigate to the correct Note Slot.

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