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Version: on Windows 10 OS (PC)

Writing a script to use the Edit menu's Search and Replace function to change some text in lyrics. Need to find if there is a way to enter a "hidden space" (Ctrl-SPACE BAR or ALT-0160 on numpad) into the Search for: box. I have tried [press ctrl space bar], [press ctrl space], [type raw ctrl space bar], even [press alt "0160"] with no results except either a regular space or the script freezing on a command where I have to close Finale and reopen to continue trying other keystrokes.


//Insert Elision slurs batch script

//ask source folder
//ask destination folder

selection tool

//replace all underscores _

menu item "Edit/Text Search and Replace..."
type "_" next to "Saerch for:"
type "I" next to "Replace with:"
press tab 3
press enter
type "EngraverFontSet"
press tab
type "Bold"
press tab
button OK
button "Replace All"
cursor 1185 365

//replace all hidden spaces - CTRL-SPACE BAR

menu item "Edit/Text Search and Replace..."
type "P" next to "Search for:"
press home
delete key
delete key
delete key

//press ctrl space bar - not working
//press ctrl space - not working
//press ctrl "space bar" - not working
//type raw ctrl space bar - not working
//press alt "0160" - not working


//close all

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Update: when writing the script I had forgot that CTRL-SPACE will not enter the correct character into the 'Search for' box manually, only the ALT-0160 from numpad will put in the correct character. Since I don't have a lot of files to change I'm using a work around by putting a 'wait 2' in the script and manually entering the ALT-0160 in the box. Still would be interesting if someone found a way to enter the character with the script.

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