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I use Finale mainly for my concert music, which is almost all atonal. That is, I do not use a key signature.

Also, I use Digital Perfformer to make my recordings, so I export MIDI into Finale.

One of the first things to do in such cases is fix the accidentals.

For example, I am looking at my cello part and see Db Dnatural Db.
I could fix this by 'favoring sharps" in Respell Notesa.
But the next bar has a properly notated A- Bb A. I wouldn't want Finale to make A - A# - A natural.

I would be happy if anyone has a solution that works for every possibility!

BUT I would also be pleased if someone has a solution that simply "minimizes accidentals".
Would that rule have no bad side effecxts, but just force Finale not to write Db D natural Db, and favor the only option with fewer accidentals C# D C#? (the 2nd C would not have an accidental drawn after it since Finale understands that the lst sharop holds for the rest of the bar.

With AI we have to be careful for what we ask!

Mac OS 10.14.6
Finale 27.3

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