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I have recently installed Finale on my new computer. The playback window initially appeared but then either I closed it or it disappeared. The documentation says that I should open the Playback Window by going to "Window > Playback Controls" but there is no "Window" option on the top bar (see screenshots). What do I do?


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What you describe, is not normal behaviour.


Your screen shot shows that you are in the MIDI Tool (the MIDI Tool icon is selected on the Main Tool Palette), but the MIDI Tool menu is missing (should be just to the right of the Plug-ins menu).

The Window menu is missing (should be just to the right of the MIDI Tool menu).

The Help menu is missing (should be just to the right of the Window menu).


In short:

You are missing all the menus in the right end of the menu bar.


1) What happens if you click the Selection Tool icon?

Does that help?


2) Please specify the steps you’ve already taken (to solve the problem), so that we can rule out things.


- Have you quitted and re-launched Finale?

- Have you re-booted the computer?

- Have you tried trashing Finale’s Preferences file?

- Have you tested a brand new user account?

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You could try to change the monitor definition to see more on the screen.

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