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I have several playback problems when working with scores. If I have edited or added to a score and push the playback button, I don't hear anything. I have to use the command "Reassign Playback Sounds" to be able to listen to my work every time. I have also experienced that the playback has fallen out in the middle of playback, the cursor moved in the score, but it is silent.
I also have problems balancing the different instruments, especially I have problems with lifting up drum sets, If you see the screenshot of the mixer setup, I almos can't hear the drums.... Anyone out there who can advise me?

I am using Finale 27.3 and Garritan JABB 3 with Windows 10.

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Sound and playback with Finale is always, lets say interesting. Finale is not a well behaved sound program. And I doubt MM is going to make a serious attempts to correct this. All my other sound using software plays well with all my other sound using apps except Finale. Finding out why and/or tracking it down can be frustrating.

First make sure all your drivers are the very latest form the manufacturer.  Don't trust Windows to do this for you. You must go to each ones website and check for yourself. You need to do this for every peripherical you have. Your video/monitor, you printer and of course your sound card, your ARIA Player, etc.

This done check your settings in the MIDI/Audio>Device setup>Audio Setup drop down. BTW, I would advise to not have any other audio apps running when you do this. Get it set up correctly first because like I said Finale does not play well with other sound apps that are running.

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