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I do a lot of charting for various artists, etc. by listening to their recordings and then creating charts, scores, etc. for them.
So, I import their audio file into my Finale document (.musx).
Then, I try to line up the Finale tempo (employing the click to help) with the recording, by:
-first changing the start time of the audio track to match the start of the first measure of the Finale music score.
-then adjusting the songs tempo to match the audio's tempo.
---I use the Expression Tool (mf) and put this at the very start of the music.
---Then, I play the song with the Finale click turned on at a set tempo to see if it is too fast or too slow.
---Then, I adjust the tempo accordingly (up or down) and repeat the process until I hopefully land on the exact tempo.
Knowing that most recordings are made with a metronome in the studio, this should be a simple process. HOWEVER . . .
I have come to realize not all metronomes are equal. M.M.=100 frequently differs from metronome to metronome (computer processor to c.p), THEREFORE . . .
I need to use degrees of tempos, e.g. - 100.4, or 99.8, etc. to nail the exact audio file tempo... HOWEVER . . .
I used to do this in Finale, but the decimal option giving me adjustments to the 100th of a BPM don't seem to be responsive.
Without this option, it is impossible to set the exact tempo of the song. THIS IS WHAT I NEED TO BE ABLE TO DO.
Please help. I don't want to have to do intermediate tempo correct through a song to keep Finale on track.
Thank you


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I used to do this in Finale…


That normally makes things like this a Support issue, not a Feature Request, and belongs in the Problems and Questions board. Before you do so, we need more information. If you send it to MM Support through the Submit a request link, they'll need the same info: 


Setting fractional beats in the Expression Tool works fine for me. To test, I opened up the Barber Adagio… and set it to 45.5 bpm faster — only took a few measures to hear it way out of sync with my metronome. Reverting to Saved made it line up again at 45bpm.


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I'll try that.  Finale support directed me here.

Thank you, Mike.  

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