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If I enter notes using Speedy Entry with a MIDI keyboard in MIDI-step input mode (CapsLock with a preselected note value number) in Page View and with Automatic Music Spacing on, Finale forgets the selected number as soon as the Speedy Entry frame crosses a barline. For example, if I want to enter a string of 16ths with CapsLock on and the number 3 selected, as soon as the Speedy Entry frame jumps to the next bar I can no longer enter 16ths. Even though the number 3 is still showing, it's as though no number has been preselected. As soon as I select another note value or press 3 again, I can once again enter notes. Has anyone else noticed this? Strangely, this doesn't happen with AMS turned off.

MacOS 10.11.6


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