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OS - Windows Vista

Software Version - 2014v.820

   I am attempting write percussion notation.  I am writing for: Wind Chimes, Suspended Cymbal, Sleighbells, Triangle, Shaker and Tambourine.

  I found the Percussion Character Set and attempted to employ the Wind Chimes notation.  I entered as the Set said and nothing appeared.  Also

when I enter a dotted half note for suspended cymbal, the notation goes to a dotted 64th note.

  Shaker does not seem to be in the list instruments - any suggestion for a substitute icon or notation?

  Basically, I can't seem to find info as to how to notate these instruments.


Ken Bair II

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Hi Kenneth

I think that you've managed to somehow use a percussion font as notation.

My guess is you searched the manual for "Wind Chimes" and clicked on the entry for "Finale Percussion Font Finale Percussion Character Set "

You will need to disregard that, and instead read up on how to enter percussion parts ( )

Then read up on Percussion Maps. (

I'm not aware of wind chimes as a sound in any of the percussion maps available (either in PrintMusic, nor in Finale)

I suppose a triangle or bell tree might sort of do?

The rest of the instruments are there as part of the General Midi Map.




Daz :o)



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