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We've just been issued new school MacBooks, spiffy fast ones with digital drives, but the drive is only 128 GB. To live with all my music and other existing files from my previous computer, I've purchased a 256GB Transcend JetDrive. I'd like to be able to install Finale on the JetDrive, but "destination select" is grayed out. 


Is it possible to install Finale on my Transcend JetDrive?

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Hi Conrad,

Currently, the Finale application will need to be installed on your internal hard drive (in most cases labeled something like MacHD). The ability to install Finale elsewhere has been requested by customers in the past, and I encourage you to submit that request on our new Feature Request forum.

For the meantime, I can recommended storing the samples (just the samples, not the rest of the components) for the Garritan Instruments for Finale on your external hard drive. The samples for the Garritan Instruments for Finale are the largest portion (about 2.9 gigabytes) of the components installed in the Finale bundle. When you reach the portion of the installer for installing the Garritan Instruments and are prompted to choose a sample directory, choose a folder on your external hard drive.


Hope this helps!

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