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It would be useful to be able to combine old Finale score and parts into a single Finale file with linked parts and keep the formatting of the score and especially the parts. ScoreMerger makes a score out of existing parts but it doesn't keep the formatting of the parts.

Most likely this would be most useful for long-time Finale users who have a plenty of extracted parts and need to revise them.

I posted about this on the MakeMusic Forum on Nov 28, 2015 (the link will open the original thread).

Using Finale 2014.5 on both Win 10 and Mac OS X 10.11.6.


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Hi Esa:

Interesting idea. I do believe it is a rather small group of users that want to go from extracted parts to linked parts. From what I hear users typically stay in one of the 2 camps. Don't forget about the JW Copy Parts plug-in that would allow you to take the formatting of one part and apply it to another part. 


Michael Johnson

VP, Professional Notation


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