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I plunked down enough $$$ to buy a handtruck of Beefeater Gin, and downloaded Finale 25, and now have nothing to show for it.  TWO times, I clicked the .exe after downloading, and it took about 5 minutes to do something, but nothing shows  up on my computer as Finale 25.  I cannot find any trace of it.  For a country that can put a man on the moon, it should be very simple to offer a process to install a new piece of software.  Finale 25 is not it.  It is now twilight, and I am going to sign off and go drink.  But hopefully, when I sign on tomorrow morning, you will tell me something simple to do to (complete?) installing Finale 25.  I'm running Windows 10 on my PC and it tells me I am up to date. I do not have the vaguest idea of the software version.  All I want to do is to make music under Finale 25.

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Hi Randolph,


It sounds like you are running into an odd issue with the installer. This is not something that we have identified as widespread by any means, so there are most likely specific circumstances causing the issue. Since this appears to be the case I would like to go ahead and open up a support ticket with you to gather some details and try some troubleshooting steps specific to your system. 


I can tell that you have had a poor experience thus far, and my hope is that we can find an answer for you and get you back to making music with Finale post-haste.

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