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Mac. 10.10.5  Finale 25

I want to be able to use the Vienna Symphonic Library within Finale.  I am able to choose Vienna Ensemble in Score Manager and the appropriate sound along with dynamic changes occur.  But, there is no response to staccatos, accents, legato, etc.  The default preferences in Human Playback are in play which I am pretty sure is the problem.  The question is:  how do I fully engage the VSL sounds in Finale?  I am very appreciative of the speed at which Finale runs now but am frustrated that it still seems incompatible with sounds other than Garritan.




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If VSL does not supply a custom set of Finale HP definitions for their instruments, you will have to construct your own or find someone who has done so and will share.

Question: would these HP defs be different now that Finale (v25) is 64-bit?

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