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OS = Windows 8.1

Finale Version # = 2014.5.6359

Hello my name is Garron Galley and I am new to the community forums as I have utilized the manual for quite some time but am beginning to grow agitated with the manual and the fragmented nature it possesses. Maybe I haven't scoured it enough but I don't like scouring a manual for long periods of time especially when I'm pointed in many different directions suggesting the previous adjective I used. This may be due to my lack of experience with the manual or finale but that's what you guys are here for: to educate and help me grow :)

Now, I am writing a moderately fast march that needs an extra oomph to the detache with the Garritan Orchestral Strings samples and I want to create an expression that indicates that continuously until I indicate a different expression thus signaling the end of the previous expression. In terms of instrumentation I have determined that martele is my expression that I want to use, however I have noticed that the martele expression is not explicitly defined in the HP preferences for stringed instruments.

I have tried to define the expression utilizing the techniques section of HP preferences dialog box however I keep hitting a snag. My expressive text is typed exactly as it is defined in the preset technique context menu or whatever you sophisticated computer scientists call it (not meant to be derogatory) in all parts of the software including the score. however it seems as though the playback keeps reverting back to sustains even though I have "properly" defined the technique and if it is the fact that the expressive text should be technique text then this program is seriously too complex and sophisticated to be a worldwide leader in notation. 



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Martele in GOS is a separate sound file. GOS is an older Garritan issue and has no KS (keyswitch) version Your best bet is to assign that instrument sound to a separate layer and switch layers where you want martele until you want to change back.

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