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Paul Kreibich (formerly with Ray Charles, Carmen MacRae, etc., now teaching at Cal State Fullerton) just informed me that stems for cymbals should point up, bass drum stems point down, and snare in either direction, depending on how they line up.

Is there a way in Windows Finale 2014.5 to globally change all notes on the top line of the drum staff to voice #2?

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Hi Craig

Are you talking Layer 2 perhaps?

Probably easiest is to select the staff with the selection tool, then edit->Move/Copy layers...->Copy notes in Layer 1 to layer 2

Select the simple entry tool and activate layer 1 (make sure that "Show Active Layer only" is on)

Now go through the staff and delete unwanted notes (if they're "chorded" with the one you want to display) and change others to rests leaving only the notes at the top of the staff. I've done this in layer one beacure the default for layer 1 is stem up

Once done, switch to layer 2

Now go and delete all top notes. If there is a beat where there is *only* a top note, convert it to a rest, to keep the other drums aligned

You should ne be able to turn off "Show active layer only" and see the results.

The pic below shows what I'm talking about. I just created 5 drum sets to show each step. It should all be done on the same staff.

Drum set 1 is the start of the process

Drum Set 2 is the result of Move/Copy Layers

Drum Set 3 is removing the bass and snare notes (notice the rest where there is no HH) (layer 1 active)

Drum Set 4 is removing the HH notes. Again note the rest where these is no BD) (Layer 2 active)

Drum Set 5 is what you should see after you turn "Show Active Layer Only" off again


And yes, I know that it's a stupid beat!


If you're talking about Voice 2 (as in Speedy edit), I'm afraid I cannot help. I've never used that feature.




Daz :o)


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