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I just upgraded from Finale 2014.5 to ver 25.  I was very excited to have the speed and memory management of the new architecture.  BUT you royally pissed me off by removing the stable and simple to use movie window!  Documentary and animation scoring is a major part of what I do. You just made my life exponentially harder. 

You don't even publish in a ready and clear format a list of everything you pulled out. If you had then I would not have paid for the upgrade because it is a step backward for me.   But this takes the cake.  While Rewire support is a great step forward, you take a HUGE step backward by making your users jump through all those hoops just to see a simple clip with our music.   Shame! For Shame!  Your usability takes a huge step backward here in line with the worst of MS Office and anything created by Yahoo. Do you all send developers to special classes in making stupid UI and functionality decisions? 

I have uninstalled ver 25. I hope you see fit to put the movie window back in.  Otherwise I will not be upgrading further. Thank you for hearing me out. 



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Dear John:

I am sorry you relied so heavily on the Movie Window and we removed the functionality. In order to move to 64-bit, we needed to removed this poorly implemented feature. We are committed to ReWire and working more seamlessly with DAWs that provide a much more robust solution to movie syncing. We have no plans at this time to restore the Movie Window.

Michael Johnson
VP, Professional Notation

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While it is true that this function remains with the help of a master software, in my case I use it with REAPER, it misses the comfort that the tool is incorporated in the FINALE itself.
I have proven the movie window to rewire function REAPER, and the truth is that it works perfectly. I give it a try, plus REAPER is very very cheap.


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