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I have a customized default file I want to use from the Launch Window in 2014.5, and I have gone to the Finale "Music Files">"Default Files" location and put it there, then copied the file name exactly (minus the .musx), as instructed and have always done in the past, and pasted it into the box to tell Finale that this is now my default file.  HOWEVER, when I then click on "Default Document", I get the following error message:   "Finale cannot find the file 'Jazz Font Default'.  Click OK to have Finale create a new document without libraries.  You should reinstall the missing file from your Finale installer."   Ugh.  I have gone through the steps countless times now, looking for my mistake, and feel like I'm going crazy.   I know the file is in the correct location!   Can anyone help with why Finale cannot find it?  Thanks!

Mac OS 10.11.6

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Try adding the .musx (or .fmtx) to the filename. In other words, copy the name exactly, including the extension.




Daz :o)

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