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I entered five verses of lyrics into a hymn I'd transcribed in Finale 2014.5.6359 Windows 7

When I clicked to number them, the were numbered 1,2,3.6.7. Apparently phantom verses 4 and 5 had gotten in there someplace.

I could find no way to delete them. I typed a little text into each of the phantom verses then deleted that by backspacing through it. The text I'd just entered disappeared but the phantom verses still were there.

So I copied the lyrics from v 6 to the phantom v 4, which is where those lyrics should have been, and v 7 to the phantom v 5. Now I have vv 1-5 correct, but two phantom verses 6 and 7 I can't get rid of.




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Have you tried exporting your corrected version as xml and then re-importing it into a (blanked?) copy of your original file?

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