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Please reinstate the scanning features in version 25.  As a band teacher that uses both Finale and SmartMusic daily, it is very important that this feature be available to educators.  Although SmartMusic's library is large, it still doesn't have many of the pieces of music that are in my school music library.  Being able to scan in sheet music and scores for large ensembles quickly and import them into SmartMusic is a very useful feature that helps me keep my Band prepared and sound good for performances.  Please reconsider impimenting this feature.  I was very disappointed when I recently upgraded to v.25 and tried to scan a new/old score for importing into SmartMusic.    I even tried going back to 2014 to scan and it didn't work either.  Please help.  I have many students that need the ability to practice their music with a utility like SmartMusic.  Unfortunately, if I can't import the must we are working on quickly, it is very limiting.  I understand the concerns about copyright.  However, there are still copy machines in the world and people that are intent on stealing are going to steal.

Thank you for your consideration.

R. Jervis, MMED

Director of Bands

West Chatham Middle School

Savannah, Ga


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Hi Richie:
As mentioned on this post, we were clear about why we needed to make the change. You can still scan in Finale 2014 and 2014.5. If you are having problems, please contact CS via the system.

You can also still user SmartScore Pro with Finale v25.

Michael Johnson
VP, Professional Notation

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There is no explanation why you should not be able to scan in Finale 2014 or Finale 2014.5.

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