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I have a new ideas for finale:

I meet several limitations in the visual aspect: I discovered the Lilypond program and I think that is what is lacking in finale.
I wish a greater artificial intelligence to locate items, slurs, in a beautiful and visual aesthetic finish like the old engraver editions, most of the slurs have to touch by hand because they acquire very ugly and unnatural ways, I lose a lot of time tweaking the score visually and aesthetically.

The visual aspect can earn a lot, it have to tweak much by hand to achieve a natural look, and the maestro and petrucci sources do not give that feeling of master craftsman engraver. Could have new integrated fonts, not having to buy external sources, to have more variety and finishing options.

I will not use Lilypond because I find it complicated, but I fervently wish for a plugin or extension or integration of their visual tools in finale

It would be great that Makemusic could acquire their rights or integrate their algorithms or something like it

A final problem with fonts: sometimes, do not know why, if I do not put the maestro font, trills, ornaments and others do not sound ... (with petrucci, fravura, etc.)

Other aspect, I'd wish an audio interface such as the Notion improved with better tools to work the audio output,... I do not want to use notion, I want to use finale, but I wish her good things in this regard

I welcome the new version 25 of finale, but competitors are strong. My heart is with finale, and do not want change, but we need to observe the competitors and imitate their progress.

And finally, I would be a huge advance release Translation patches into major languages (spanish, french, deustch, russian...), I would greatly appreciate it, in Spain barely speak English, and I understand a little, but I think it would help much work in an translated environement, and more considering that others as sibelius are translated.

thanks for all, I hope that you can take into account these ideas

best regards,


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Dear Abraham:

Thank you for posting your suggestions. We will continue to improve Finale's notational output. Lilypond, Notion, and many other programs are excellent and the competition helps to motivate us to improve and innovate. We are currently working on modernization our fonts as well. As you may have heard a new format of fonts called SMuFL are emerging and we are working to support them. Localization of Finale: currently there are 6 languages offered for Finale. Unfortunately Spanish is not one. We are looking into better ways to provide localized (translated) versions of the application. Thank you for your suggestions and good luck with your musical career.

Michael Johnson
VP, Professional Notation

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