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How do you add simple up and down bows to the string section and string solo sounds? An articulation would be perfect, an expression would be workable.

I've created expressions using MID data dump (3, 144, <keyswitch number>, 127) as well as the articulations from the Finale articulation library. Manual says KS D# (3, #03) is up bow, and KS E (4, #04) is down bow. Both of these create a shorter tone, like a marcato - not as short as a pizz. 

Super frustrated - John

OSX 10.11.6

Finale v25


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Hi--this might not help with your issue, but I've found lots (LOTS!) of great information in Jason Loffredo's YouTube videos on "conquering Finale" (as in 'I would have switched to another product if his info hadn't cleared up some problems').  He covers several things I've never seen anywhere else.

But, again, I don't know if he talks about your issue.

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