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The title of the post says it all. How to? Thx.

Finale 25 Windows 10

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I just use unicode fonts. I'm on a Mac w/ Finale 25, but I've not had any troubles with non-English characters. Maybe you're trying to use combining characters (i.e., inputting a letter then a combining umlaut as a separate keystroke) rather than using a character that is already combined? I've not tried that, but it may be problematic.

I know that on Windows 10 you can press the Windows key and then type in charmap + enter and you'll get a character map of glyphs (you can search for desired characters there). Maybe something there will help.

Maybe you just need to install another keyboard or language and then type in the lyrics with it?

Just ideas …

Hope that helps. If not, and if you don't get other responses here, do fill out a "Submit a request" for support at the top of the page.

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