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I'm performing Mozarts' Symphony No. 25 and in the Andante section, there is a repeat that separates beats 2 and the second half of beat 2. How would I add that repeat symbol into the score? 

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You use a "mid measure" repeat

In the Mozart symphony, the second movement is in 2/4 time signature and begins with a pick-up of an 8th note.  About 24 measures into the slow movement there is a repeat that brings the player back to the initial pick up.

I believe that there is a plug in for a mid measure repeat.


The previous work-around is to make a 3/8 measure, insert a repeat, then a 1/8 measure after the repeat, hide the time signature changes and then rework the measure numbers (if it is important to do so).  But this should not be necessary now.

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