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I've been asking for a couple of years now but can we please, please, please have an Engraver Time Sig Cut-Common Symbol? Having a cut common symbol on the parts but having to write 2/2 in the score is simply confusing and unnecessary particularly given the cut-common symbol is an often-used symbol. I 'get' that I could also write 4/4 then have a 'tempo marking' saying 'in two' but surely that's what the cut-common symbol is for. You have it as a 'standard' symbol in every music font that comes with the program - except Engraver Time...go figure.

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Hi Graham:
The Engraver font does have the Cut ( slot 67) and Common (slot 99) already present.

If you don't see abbreviated symbols in your score, make sure your document option is set to use the characters.


Please let me know if I'm missing something,

Michael Johnson
VP, Professional Notation

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