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I just bought finale make music and cannot change measure numbers on different regions even after following a youtube tutorial.

What I am trying to do is a exercise with 8 staffs for my Ensemble.

Each staff have 8 bars and own exercises. I just want to simply my each staff to be numbered 1 - 8, simple.

Also I cant seem to be able to provide a picture here


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Hi Ednaldo,

I'm not sure I'm understanding you correctly, but it appears you have--in effect--created one piece of music consisting of eight staves of eight bars each.

Perhaps you could try creating a piece with only ONE STAFF with eight bars.

You could then create an additional eight bars as many times as you wish, but still only on ONE STAVE.

Then, use your page layout tool to arrange each of your staves to be eight bars per line.

With each line you can then assign a new set of bar numbers.

Hope this helps,

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