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Hello! I am currently working on a piece that deals with EXTREMELY slow tempo markings. (eighth note = 58-72 bpm)

Everything is working correctly playback-wise, besides the grace notes. I have a flute part that has multiple grace note runs that are meant to be fast and condensed, but because of the agonizingly slow tempo, I believe the program just automatically assumes that the grace notes should be played back respectively slow.

They are currently playing around the speed of sixteenth-note triplets at eighth note equals 64, and I need it to be about three times as fast.

I am wondering if there is a way to manually change how fast Finale perceives and plays grace notes, regardless of the tempo marking. It is very hard to interpret if I like what I have written if it cannot play back correctly.

I have not seen any other forum posts about this issue on here, and it may be a bit of a noob question, but I am genuinely and frustratingly stumped.

If anyone has anything please let me know!
Thank you!!!

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...  multiple grace note runs  ...

One solution you could put a tempo alteration on the grace notes and another to restore tempo 1. You can hide these so they don't print.

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